Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Latest Installment..Christians BE WARNED

A wise woman once told me "Melissa, dear, don't believe everything you're told" and as I have grown older boy am I thankful for those words!!  Some of you may know that I am currently enrolled in a "World Religions" course at my college...Many of those enrolled admitted they were only taking this course because it was their only option for a humanities credit.  A few of the students proudly stood announcing to the class that they were taking this course to be able to better defend their Christian faith if and when they face opposition.  HELLO they live in the bible belt.  Now it was my turn to proudly stand and profess to the half asses and the few that cared deeply that I took the class for fun..ahem, yes torturous, but fun.  I wanted to 'debunk' the mythical origins of today's "Super Faith" and get serious with myself and those around me...CHRISTIANITY ISN'T WHAT YOU OR I THINK IT IS!!!  Sorry I yelled:)

We are now mid-term and I am as positive as ever that though Inspirational to many, Christianity is no, I repeat, NO different that religions before it's time...it is simply the latest installment of a faith held to by many as early as 7000 B.C.E (Assyrians, Babylonians and Samarians).  Now you may look at these faiths and say you are so different from these unintelligent, non-scientific polytheists but in reality ARE YOU??

These men and women, dependent on on the rationale of others, believed what they were told.  They believed  fables (considered fact) that the earth was formed by High gods Marduk and Tiamat.  Marduk defeated, then butchered Tiamat and spread her members out..thus the formation of the world.   One ancient Mesopotamian religion believes that high gods always were...they created low gods to do their work and rule the earth...they got tired and created a slave group (man kind) and gave them power to rule as they too wanted to rest...Thus the ideas of appeasement and manipulation.  This faith also explains the flood and the warfare of angels and demons in the epic of Atrahasis and Gilgamesh....READ about it.  These religions came up FIRST with the idea of a serpent, angels and demons and a flood.  These faiths seem silly to many of us because we have not been told, since infancy, to believe and have faith in these fables.  The ones we have been told are as equally preposterous but because they are familiar and many have attached their very existence to these stories we believe IN FAITH that things really went down this way.  We believe in a talking serpent (the product of a falling angel who was full of pride) who really did tempt Adam (a man formed from dust) and his wife Eve (formed while Adam was under a god-like anesthesia and is made up of his rib)  I mean this COULD have been a fable configured by man to make sense of why men have one less rib..BUT hey, your Sunday School teacher said it and so did your mom who was not educated in ancient religion so it must be true.  We believe a loving God literally despised those HE created so much so that he killed them all sparing only Noah and his close family and of course the animals...Now Acts 10:43 says God shows no favoritism but to me Noah was his favorite on that day.  Jeremiah 29:11 says God has plans to prosper and not harm but That was with Jeremiahs people ONLY because he really didn't give a bleep about Noah's bunch.  The same faith of the ancient easterners tried to make sense of Angels or gods mingling with humanity..Angels were said to have procreated with women creating Nephilim or giants.  They built ziggurats (towers to communicate with their gods) as a means of manipulation.  Sound familiar?? Our Christian Bible mentions one such ziggurat (the Tower of Babble).  Not out Christian forefathers??  They would NEVER!  Well they did and according to the story they were making God pretty uncomfortable.  Does God live in the sky??  No all around.  Would the people have to build up to get to "someone" who is everywhere?  Why was god so mad?  
These observations should be grounds to cause you to AT LEAST think..Why do I believe these things?  Does this make sense or am I being asked to "just have faith"?  Do I really believe that God created the Heavens with windows that he opens up to pour out rain?  No because science has now disproved that theory. Why are we asked to pray and pray (to a good god) for rain?  Does that make him happy so then he opens his heavenly floodgates?  HELL no!  This is the early thought of manipulating a deity to secure optimal conditions for harvest and living.  DO I believe there are "Gates of Hell" or do I believe this is more mythical terminology?  
I am not on a mission to get every Christian on earth to walk from what makes him/her feel secure but really wouldn't you have believed the above mentioned stories had you been born during their time period???
I have been a non-believer for going on 2 years and the more I look back on my fundamental faith the more I am shocked at my lack of awareness of the lack of evidence.  You know why no one can find the ark??  THERE IS NO ARK...  I know there are some that will be deeply hurt by my profession but there has to be at least one that can say with sound mind and conscience "You know, that makes sense".  If not I am destined to live out the remainder of my life being thought a fool..Call me a fool..The opposite of Christianity if knowledge...Christian fathers (teachers) have been the persecutors of the gnostics, atheists and pagans because of their desire to make sense on that which they feel is nonsensical.  I feel now persecuted in the same way but fortunate for me I have a heart that loves people and a smile and demeanor that catches those who would hate me, off guard.  
Thank you for reading.  Thank the universe and whatever deity there may be for the opportunity to learn.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apparently the Nazi's were gay...

Today on Brian Fischer's radio program (American Family Association) he boldly stated that not only was Adolf Hitler an athiest he was also gay.  Not only that but the Nazi movement was started by his homosexual friends in a gay bar in Germany...Just more crap spewed from the mouth of a hate-filled man trying to gain more hate mongers to his hate regime.  Even if Hitler was gay so what!  Jeffery Dahmer was straight..does that mean all straight people mutilate and kill?  I am yet again appalled by the broad generalities made by this man and feel it is so destructive to our society to have this "Positive Radio" blaring into the airwaves.  It is not positive to suggest a stiff penalty for being gay...it is not positive to promote obnoxious protests that defame the character of a gay man...moving on..

I am noticing on a daily basis that Christians become very defensive and border on mean, when they are asked why they believe homosexuality is wrong.  Why they feel threatened by Muslims.  Why they believe the Bible is the end all to any that may arise today.  This "Christian" nation is NOT Christian anymore.  It is comprised of many different faith and non faith practices...I for one am growing tired of defending my non-faith just because you believe your faith is right.

Just now on Facebook, I was bullied by a complete stranger who is a Strong Christian, because I believe we should show compassion to immigrants instead of cruelty..I am allowed my opinion but because it is not his it is wrong.  I am more than frustrated with a group of people who are separatists and elitists...These people claim Christ (who I admire) but make it their life's mission to destroy any and all things that stand in opposition to their faith.  Christ did not do that.  It is time for Christians (not all of them) to stop hiding behind their religious shield and step out and say who they really are..They are supremisists looking to take our democratic rights from us and replace our free will will their Gods will...The Bible supports immigration but because it is not taught by their pastor they can't believe it.  I have never seen so many uneducated people speaking as experts..

There should be such a thing as decency and compassion...

This was not written for you but for me..I must vent and at times it will be grammatically incorrect.  Still, thanks for reading.