Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apparently the Nazi's were gay...

Today on Brian Fischer's radio program (American Family Association) he boldly stated that not only was Adolf Hitler an athiest he was also gay.  Not only that but the Nazi movement was started by his homosexual friends in a gay bar in Germany...Just more crap spewed from the mouth of a hate-filled man trying to gain more hate mongers to his hate regime.  Even if Hitler was gay so what!  Jeffery Dahmer was straight..does that mean all straight people mutilate and kill?  I am yet again appalled by the broad generalities made by this man and feel it is so destructive to our society to have this "Positive Radio" blaring into the airwaves.  It is not positive to suggest a stiff penalty for being is not positive to promote obnoxious protests that defame the character of a gay man...moving on..

I am noticing on a daily basis that Christians become very defensive and border on mean, when they are asked why they believe homosexuality is wrong.  Why they feel threatened by Muslims.  Why they believe the Bible is the end all to any that may arise today.  This "Christian" nation is NOT Christian anymore.  It is comprised of many different faith and non faith practices...I for one am growing tired of defending my non-faith just because you believe your faith is right.

Just now on Facebook, I was bullied by a complete stranger who is a Strong Christian, because I believe we should show compassion to immigrants instead of cruelty..I am allowed my opinion but because it is not his it is wrong.  I am more than frustrated with a group of people who are separatists and elitists...These people claim Christ (who I admire) but make it their life's mission to destroy any and all things that stand in opposition to their faith.  Christ did not do that.  It is time for Christians (not all of them) to stop hiding behind their religious shield and step out and say who they really are..They are supremisists looking to take our democratic rights from us and replace our free will will their Gods will...The Bible supports immigration but because it is not taught by their pastor they can't believe it.  I have never seen so many uneducated people speaking as experts..

There should be such a thing as decency and compassion...

This was not written for you but for me..I must vent and at times it will be grammatically incorrect.  Still, thanks for reading.

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