Saturday, September 10, 2011

The one about The Home Depot

First of all thanks for all your kind words..Even those of you who disagree with me did so with kindness.  The issue I want to expose today is one that has been frustrating me long before this year...Any of you remember back in 1997 a boycott..Southern Baptist take on "The Tragic Kingdom"??  I do and quite honestly I began to feel the deep rumblings of equality rising even then.  I was a Junior in High School, far from watching Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, but the kids I babysat did...The SBC (southern baptist convention) called for yet another boycott...burn your Disney videos, pull princess themed rooms from your daughters and take the Mickey Mouse Pillowcase from your sons...See link for info on the goals of the boycott and please note the result hoped for..the SBC hardly brought good attention to its cause but rather fanned the flame of the American people to speak out for American/Human rights and equality.

So back to today..The American family association has unleashed all its efforts and it speaking, yelling, all but threatening its listeners to stand up for their faith...boycott the home depot.

One of the ads on our local Family Talk radio station closes its program with "Go out, love God, live clean, help your neighbor, be handy around the house...just don't buy your tools at The Home Depot."  First of all , I do this to myself..I torture myself because I tune in regularly to hear all of the slander/false teachings that are purported by hosts such as Bryan Fischer and Matt Friedman.  I can't help myself but like a moth to flame, I go in, hoping to find kindness and co-existence..You know the "Do unto others" mentality... but NO..I hear hatred and mockery of people believed to be created by their same creator (not my beliefs btw)..These loving christians still wage war in the same way that the old testament only not with weapons made of steel..they use their mouths to spew hate all over a listening audience and this audience is saying "AMEN".  GAG ME!!!

I appreciate those of you who are true believers of any faith as I believe they can serve a feeding the hungry, developing a community for those who are displaced, developing peace...but people Christianity today is doing NO SUCH fact Christianity has been behind Slavery, deportation and the dehumanization of the LGBT community.  NOT what Jesus would do.

I personally adhere to no faith practice.  I have not cracked open a Bible (except in my New Testament college class) in 1 1/2 years.  I will tell you this though, I admire any man who would take great strides to bring peace with out have dinner with the displaced and the be seen with the most hated tax collector and prostitute.  NEVER is Jesus reported saying, "Walk down a different road so you don't have to walk where the hookers don't want them to get the wrong idea".  Never did he encourage people to do anything that caused separatism...He loved everyone and if anything, he loved the ones most highly criticized by the church the most...I am not a Christian and for the sake of sounding like one I must move on..My point..not only would  Jesus not be boycotting The Home Depot..he would be proudly seen buying there just to make you question yourself..your motives.  Is it God you are hearing or is it the conservative pastor or churchman, manipulating the Bible, convincing you to follow him.  I digress...

These are the photos that got everyone so riled up...Is there any nudity here??  You know what is offensive to me?  This is a free country promising to protect each man and woman while offering them freedom of speech and religion...These people were simple celebrating the pride they feel to be what??  Gay?  I don't think so..I believe they were celebrating the freedom to be themselves.  We as heterosexuals don't know the obstacles many of these men and women have had to hurdle in order to march publicly and identify themselves as gay...How many of us would be proudly marching had we overcome cancer or a great tragedy?  To many this is a culmination of a life's work..remember they were un-allowed by society, family members and friends to be who they truly were and it wasn't until the decidedly awkward "coming out" that they began their journey into freedom in this "Christian" nation.
What a bitch..the religion that says God creates us all..didn't make a mistake, blah, blah..has no other way of explaining this "plague of gay" so in an effort to take speculation off of god and keep his reputation squeeky clean, religion blames the person..saying he/she chose to be gay..chose to be an abomination to god..chose to be an outsider...This is something I have never been able to swallow.  If I did believe in a god, I would promptly hate him for this very reason.

Please join me in taking a non-violent, non-slanderous stand for all who are persecuted by the conservative Christian...What if tomorrow, there was a new super power and your very identity was called into question..the way you practice in your life was suddenly wrong, vile and unacceptable...I am working on the non-slanderous part of this request and I admit it is a struggle..I too have been deeply hurt by the very religious..exiled from my home with 3 young children because the very idea of me loving people, no matter their orientation, was to them detestable.  I promise I am not seeking to destroy religion but I want to work out these hurts I have felt the only way I know how..I choose to write and be proactive..not to let hurt fester inside of me.

The great Martin Luther King Jr. said this "War is a poor chisel for carving out a peaceful tomorrow".  American Family radio and many with them are waging war against the what end are they striving?

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