Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"You say it best..."

"...when you say nothing at all."  What a lovely song.  What a lovely singer.  What a lovely thought!  It seems to me that the "right wingers" are non stop talking..spewing thoughts and opinions into the stratosphere at record speed.  My ears can hardly keep up.  Every morning I wake and listen as pastors and conservative media are off to the proverbial races and ready to engage in spiritual warfare with the wrongdoers such as myself.  While I applaud them for their apparent committedness to "The Faith", I also can't help but reflect on a few men in times past who actually "got 'er done" by simply remaining silent or of very few words.

Gandhi, Jesus and Buddha...All of these sought serenity and peace.  Even though many will misunderstand Jesus' words in Matthew 10, "I did not come to bring Peace..."   Jesus stated later in John 14 "Peace I leave with you..."  Confusing, I know...
Gandhi neither picked up a sword of iron nor of his tongue.  He refused to live in a way that was harmful or shameful to others.  He lived his life non-violently and changed his world.
Buddha taught that by speaking kind and helpful words, we are respected and trusted by everyone.
What do present day Christian/family advocates have in common with these men???  Ahem..nothing? (I'm ducking in my room to avoid the tomatoes and such)

While These men did do some talking, their lives are what made such a drastic impression on our lives.  Why is it then that so many men and women, sharing the same faith as Jesus, do so much talking?  Here are some examples from my city and some surrounding.
get a rope...

..unless you pray this simple prayer..then all is right and God now loves you.

I mean ...if the Bible says so..

okay, they're nutty but the rest of the Christians REALLY do hear from God.

Man, O man..good strategy, huh?  Can anyone tell me that this is what Jesus of the Bible intended when he said go and make disciples? I mean if this doesn't get those sinners maybe this will

hey tickets to Heaven??  Cool.

Now for one I agree with...

I am nearly certain this is Acronym for something "really special"

My point with all of this is really where is the love?  The love?  The love?  Excuse me..Black Eyed Peas moment.  Tell me how any of this does anybody any good?  At the very best these signs provide "assurance" for all of those (maybe you) who are the lucky, special, chosen and included ones.  At the worst, though, these signs are degrading to those of different faiths...("you'll be the barbeque.") and promote an attitude of arrogance and false self assurance.  Since when did faith become something factual?  I mean the definition is a strong feeling based spiritual apprehension and not proof.  The "insider" is left to make a choice after being pumped full of this &%#@...Be sure and go to Heaven (the real goal) or doubt even the tiniest amount and go to Hell.. I'm not just talking about an afterlife of hell but a present tense hell,on earth.  The one you encounter when you disagree..it is an ousting leaving you alone... an abandoned..stranded...dismayed...left to go to another church...or not.
Many of you have mentioned that you enjoy this blog and my writing even though you do not hold the same opinion as I do..That is fine.  I am in no way attempting to pull you from whom and what you love and bring you to the dark side..I want you to evaluate though who really is on the dark side?  You see, I don't hold signs (many of you do not either) saying "Turn or burn" nor do I say to strangers while invading their homes on an evangelical run "Do you know where you're gonna go when you die?"  The traits most respected in the men above are their peace, acceptance and presence in this world.  They had an awareness of who they were and why they were here on this earth.  Say what you want about Jesus..we only have 3 years of the 33 in non-original and non-inerrant text...
                                                              MY BEEF...
Is it really necessary to advertise your agenda on the radio by mocking lesbians?  To stand on a corner with a megaphone and shout "turn or burn"?  Is it really going to affect your child if he can't read the 10 commandments on the wall of his school?  I get that we all have things we feel like fighting for..I DO TOO!  But how we fight may make all the difference.  Please AFR, AFA, James Dobson...You don't have to pick a fight with every classmate that you don't agree with.  Is it not your goal to be "one with God"?  Hey..you're missing him..he just left (if he's there)...he went to go hang out where you are forbidding yourselves to go..
Quit being so concerned with your afterlife and get concerned instead with this one.  Save a hungry child.  Find a humanitarian cause.  Recycle but for the love of your god...quiet down and live in peace.

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  1. Great one, Missy! ALL those pics make me literally sick to my stomach...I WILL protect my children from such pics and people for sure! I wish we could sit over coffee and talk about all this...man, I could for hours. I think about 8 years ago I WOKE up to the fact (AND RAN from where I was...just about literally) that when Jesus spoke of Heaven (though I do believe in the literal) that most often He spoke of the here and now...bringing Heaven to earth, to this moment in time for those that need it. I love your last paragraph about feeding a child, etc...people just need to DO SOMETHING to bring eternal life (not as we were taught it to be) and heaven to the disenfranchised here and now...that is the peaceful gospel Jesus intended.